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You can achieve the healthy lifestyle you want. The Information Network 3-9 provides information to help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals.

Health and Nutrition
Our health information starts with nutrition. You can count on us for information on herbs, vitamins, and supplements. We also provide healthy cooking recipes. Let our service help you learn how a low-fat diet and better nutrition can help you feel better. You deserve it.

Physical Fitness
You can depend on us for exercise information. Here, you will find answers to your physical fitness questions and healthy tips to reduce stress. You can live a better life through physical fitness.

Recreational Exercise
Exercising should be recreation, not a chore. Go hiking, horseback riding, or find some other fun recreational activity that will keep you fit, happy, and healthy. We will help you. An active lifestyle is the key to a healthy life. Activities like fishing, jogging, and recreational exercise get your blood pumping. Start your morning with an activity you enjoy.

 1. Attitude
 2. Ego
 3. Listening
 4. Truthfulness
 5. Understanding
 6. Bad Temper
 7. Being Selfish
 8. Greed
 9. Dishonesty
10. Love
11. Money
12. Racism
13. Favoritism
14. Sexism
15. Giving
16. Receiving
17. Beliefs
18. Opinions
19. Self Importance
20. The Crab in the Barrel
21. Envy
22. Hate
23. Pity
24. Shame
25. Prestige
26. Jealously
27. Self Honesty
28. Sibling Rivalry
29. The Get Over Mentality
30. Stress

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