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Beneficial Herbs

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Tibbatu Root- Used for Asthma treatment, Coughs and Colic
Yarrow- It's Flower tops, aids digestion, treat High Blood Pressure and is a Diuretic.
Alexandrian Senna-Stimulates Digestive tract and treats intestinal Worms.
Aloe Vera- It's gel Soothes, Moisturizes, heals and protects the Skin.
Lilac- It's Flowers, used to treat Fever.
Sweet Flag- It's Root treats indegestion, Arthritis, epilepsy and Strokes.
Wild Ginger- The root is a digestive tonic for flatulance and colic. It also treats sore throats, colds, Cramps, and Nervous Conditions.
Garlic- Purifies the Blood, treats high blood pressure, reduces blood clotting and cholesterol.
Thyme- Helps digest fatty foods. It's an externally used nerve tonic and treats Colds, Muscular Pain, Respitory problems and Depression.
Anise Hyssop- Treats Coughs
Agave- The leaf sapp treats Burns and is a Laxative.
Bugle- Been used to stop internal Bleeding, treat Jaundice, and helps eliminate Spleen and Liver Obstructions.
Sage- Helps irregular Menstration and menopause symptons.
Yucca Root- Salve or Poultice treats skin sores and sprains.
Agrimony-A leaf infusion treats Cystitis, Kidney Stones, and Gastritis.      
Marsh Mallow- A Root  infusion treats Diarrhea, Coughs, Insomnia and Gastric Ulcers.      
Alkanet- A root decoction aids in cleansing the Blood.     
Pineapple- The fruit aids uri ary Menstrual, Digestion and Nervous Exaustion.     
Horseradish- The Root stimulates Digestion and Circulation, has antibiotic properties and aids in Mucus Elimination.
Witch Hazel- is used on Chapped and Sunburned Skin, Swellings, Rashes, Bruises, helps to stop Bleeding, helps hemorrhoids and Varicose Veins.     
Sandalwood- The distilled essential Wood Oil is used as an inhalant for Anxiety, An Aphrodisiac and Tension in Aromatherapy, As well - As for Coughs, Urinary  tract and Lung Infections.
Roselle- The Fruit is used to treat Coughs, and dress Wounds.    
Sea Buckthorn-  The immature Berries treat Diarrhea and Dysentery and can be used to help stop Bleeding.      
Eldeberry- The flowers treat sore Throats, Arthritis, Colds and used as a mild Laxative. The Roots treat Kidney ailments and the  Bark treats Epilepsy.      
Upland Cotton- Gossypol extracted from untreared seed oil eases menstrual pain.     
Salad Burnett- A Leaf Infusiin when drunk is a  Tonic and  Diuretic.      
Avocado Tree- A leaf infusion is used to reduce High Blood Pressure and Cleanse the Liver.      
Horsetail-Treats Bladder, and Kidney Ailments, Also strengthens the Hair, Nails and Enrich the Blood.
Black Pepper-Stimulates Saliva and Gastric Juices, Kills Bacteria and helps Digestion. The Fruit treats headaches and Diarrhea. 
Larkspur-The Leaf Juice treats Hemorrhoids. 
Forsythia- The Seed capsule is used to Detoxify, Promote Drainage, reduce Swelling, treats Colds, Measles, Sore throats, Flu, and helps in Controlling Strokes. 
Bitter Orange- The Unripe fruit and dried Peel is used to loosen Pulminary Congestion, helps relieve Constipation and helps Digestion. 
Corn- The Corn Silk treats Liver weakness, High Blood Pressure and is a Diuretic. 
Allspice- It is warming, good for Chills and eases Flatulence. 
Dill- A Seed Infusion helps Stomach Pains, Insomnia, Hiccups, reduces Flatulence and the Seeds help Digestion. 
Mango- The Bark treats Throat Disease, Internal Bleeding and Dysentery. 
Garden Sphagnum Moss- Treats Wounds and helps healing. 
Muskseed- The Seeds and oil soften the skin, helps Rheumatism, Nervous Fatigue and Muscle Spasms. 
Maidenhair Fern- The Tea helps eliminate Chest Congestion, Soothes Sore Throats and helps Asthma Conditions.
Mullein- The Leaf and Flowers are used to treat Coughs. The Flowers help heal Wounds and the Root is a Diuretic.
African Locust- The Seeds are for Heart Palpitations, Ringworm and Enteritis. 
Magnolia- The Bark treats Vomiting, Diarrhea, Asthma, Peptic Ulcers, Stomach Spasms and Coughs. 
Jobs Tears- The Seeds reduce Inflammation, Stimulate Digestion, helps to cool Fever, good for Gout, Acne and helps to clear Warts. 
Forbidden Palace Flower- The Seeds stimulate Blood Circulation, treats Skin Ulcers, helps to regulate and induce Menstruation and helps in Lactation. 
Mistletoe- The Twigs reduce Blood Pressure, are a Heart Tonic, strengthens Capillary Walls, stimulates the Immune System, helps to prevent Tumors and reduces the Heart rate. 
Giant Puffball- The Ripe Flesh aids Wounds, helps stop Hemmorhaging and Bleeding.