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Basic Paintball Ticket Referral Kit-Agreement

Basic paintball ticket referral kit-includes master copies of promotional material. The kit fee is non -refundable and also covers the processing. The referral fee is $12.00 for a $60.00 purchase and $10.00 for a $50.00 purchase. The yearly renewal kit fee is $10.00 (also non-refundable) due one year from purchase date of kit. Package and handling charge has no bearing on referral fee. Call and register kit immediately to insure payment of referral fees. Kit is valid for one year from date unless renewed, whether kit is registered or not. You will a kit code on your promotional material- this code is given by the purchaser and it tracks the sale back to you so that you can be paid your referral fee. By providing the kit code at the time of the order, the customer will receive a Gift (surprise) on each $50.00 or $60.00 purchase. Be sure to remind customers of this as you distribute the promotional material. This Gift will not affect your $12.00 or $10.00 teferral fee (per sheet-usually 12 tickets). You will make a $5.00 commission on re-orders as long as the kit is valid (one year from the date of purchase unless renewed). Work hard and smart at this and you should make some good money. If you choose to take advantage of this opportunity , Congratulations and welcome aboard, if not, we wish you well. Customer Service 818-470-2660 Don´t forget to call and register the Kit (give kit code). Basic Paintball Ticket Referral Kit Purchase Price is Normally $65.00. Today, the price is only $20.00 - limited time only. And you will own your own Business Welcome Aboard.