The Health Information Professionals

California, USA 

The Better The World Club

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1. Julius Walker

      (818) 470-2660

I will, to the best of my ability, do what it takes to make the world better.

A wise man once said "When one hurts his fellow man, he hurts himself. When one helps his fellow man, he helps himself."

"Keeping his fellow man down, what a sad thinking individual. Ruthlessly taking from his fellow man, what a sad thinking individual. "

So the bottom line is, that when you hurt your fellow man, you hurt yourself, when you help your fellow man, you help yourself.

If you understand that, then you are welcome to join this club. You are the type of person that this club was formed for. If you do not understand that, or if you have a problem with it, that in itself shows a lack of understanding. Then this club is not for you, you are not welcome in this club. When and if you do understand this, please join. Thank you very much.


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